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Brand New KitPvP Server

Hello everyone, 


FlameLands is a new Minecraft that is currently owned by KamikazeJAM_YT and Femini5t. If you're new to the website please consider join our server via play.flamelands.net and join our forums. After a long time working really hard for months, it’s come to an end that we finally release our server to the public. Our number one priority is to provide you the best experience of a KitPvP server, so if you don't hesitate to do so, just leave us a comment on how we're doing.

Website Registration:

 If you're willing to register on this website, please log-in via play.flamelands.net and please type /register.

Example: /register [email protected]

Why do we do this?

We specifically do this just to ensure your forum username matches with your Minecraft username and also to make sure you are the real owner of a specific account.


Gapple - 1 minute

/heal - 2 minutes

/feed - 5 minutes

/rename - 5 minutes

/glow - 5 minutes

Sumo Maps – There is a 30-minute cooldown on each of the maps


We currently support the sumo event on our server, just type /event, and pick a map to start an event on. This requires you to either win a voucher from the Flame Crate or have the Immortal/God rank


The keys you get are virtual crate keys, so if you’ll see how many keys you have on top of a crate. 

  • Vote Crate – Get keys by voting on our voting sites (Vote site #1Vote Site #2, Vote Site #3Vote Site#4)
  • Ultimate Crate – Win them from the Vote Crate
  • Event Crate – Win them by winning events on our server
  • Flame Crate – Purchase them from our store (Click here to view our store)

Chat Reaction:

You will see in-game in the chat it indicates, Hover over the word to type. Basically what this means is to just hover over the word and type it and you’ll receive $2000. This game will occur every 5 minutes, and you will get only 30 seconds to type the word or no one gets the prize.

Math Question Game:

You will see in-game in the chat it indicates, Solve 64384 + 84623 to get $1500. Basically what this means is to solve the question and just type the number in chat and you win!


  • Displays the total amount of Kills you have.
  • Displays the total amount of Deaths you have.
  • Displays your Killstreak.
  • Displays your KDR.(Kill death ratio)
  • Displays the total amount of Balance you have.
  • Displays the total amount of time you have left for Combat.
  • Please note: Deaths do not count if you die from fall damage, neither will you lose your killstreak.


  • You have the ability to enable/disable messages from other players
  • You have the ability to enable/disable payments from other players
  • You have the ability to enable/disable your scoreboard
  • You have the ability to enable/disable trade offers from other players


  • /kit 
  • /shop - Buy weapons, food, golden apples, and potions.
  • /level top
  • /level reward
  • /topkills View top 10 Kills
  • /topdeaths - View top 10 Deaths
  • /topkdr - View top 10 KDR
  • /topkillstreak - View top 10 killstreaks
  • /balancetop - View top balances
  • /balance - View your balance or of another player
  • /pay 
  • /msg 
  • /buy 
  • /settings - Change your privacy settings
  • /nick - Change your nickname
  • /ignore - Ignore a player if you don't want to see their messages or they're being annoying to you
  • /clearmychat - Clear your own chat
  • /pv - Access your vault
  • /ah sell - sell the item you are holding in hand
  • /chatcolor
  • /repair all - Repair all your items and the armor equipped 
  • /cps
  • /claims - If you have a rank you can claim an additional bonus, default players also have a claim.

Please Note: Some commands require you to win a voucher from crates or have a rank to access the command.

Extra Info:

If you find any bugs please do not exploit them and please consider posting bugs HERE, we will be looking through the reports and will fix then as soon as possible. There are gold pressure plates in the PVP arena, those plates will instantly heal you if you step on them, they're scattered around the map. If you have any extra suggestions please post them HERE, we will be more than happy to add them to the next update. 

Best Regards,



4 months ago

[IMPORTANT] List of Allowed and Disallowed modifications


Note: These modifications listed below are allowed, excluding "Disallowed Hacks/Modifications," you may use other mods at your own risk, these are just a list of mods that we know are safe to use on FlameLands. Do not use modifications/clients that give you a significant unfair advantage over other players.

Allowed Modifications:

  • 1.7 animations mod
  • ShinyPots
  • Optifine
  • Forge
  • Shaders
  • Replay Mod
  • Minimaps (Please do not use minimaps that spot player locations)
  • FastChat
  • Auto Sprint/Toggle Sprint
  • Toggle Sneak
  • LabyMod
  • PlayerAPI Mod
  • TwitchChat Mod
  • TcpNoDelayMod
  • Keystrokes Mod

Allowed Clients:

  • Badlion Client
  • Lunar Clint
  • Cheatbreaker Client
  • PvP Lounge Client
  • Zonix Client
  • Hyperium Client

Disallowed Hacks/Modifications:

  • Killaura
  • Nuker
  • Ping spoofer
  • Fastbow
  • Fly Mods
  • AutoClickers
  • FreeCam Mod
  • Jesus
  • Derp
  • Glide/GlideFly
  • NoFall
  • Any sort of mods that give the ability to gain extra speed
  • Phase
  • Timer

The list modifications set out in this document can alter at any time.


5 months ago

[IMPORTANT] Official KitPvP Rules


These rules apply particularly to the KitPvP server on FlameLands.



  • Glitching out of the map or exploiting isn't permitted, if you're caught doing so you will receive a 10-day ban, proceeding to continuously do so, you'll be permanently banned.
  • No duping any types of items in any sort of way
  • Do not use alts to boost your overall status by killing them over and over again.
  • No teaming with hackers, if you spot any hacker alert a staff member by using /report followed by the player's username.
  • No profanity/No excessive toxicity
  • No scamming allowed, if you were scammed and you have proof, you may report them HERE with sufficient evidence.

The rules set out in this document can alter at any time.


5 months ago